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  • During the Utah Highway Patrol’s DUI blitz that happened last weekend 88 people were arrest for DUI. With the majority of them coming on Saturday night, October 27th.

    The UHP was not kidding about their Halloween DUI enforcement.

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    What is a little surprising is that a lot of these DUIs were not alcohol related. They were mostly related to pills and marijuana.

    According to KUTV2:

    Sgt. Nathan Croft has seen many people pulled over for non-alcohol related DUIs in his nearly two decade with the Utah Highway Patrol.

    Croft said DUIs involving alcohol are “definitely still out there,” but “they don’t seem as prevalent as they used to.

    “It seems like a lot more DUIs between what my crew and I are getting, are based off of marijuana or pills or something else that’s impairing them,” Croft said.

    Remember DUIs aren’t just alcohol related, they can come from prescription medication or any type of metabolite in your blood system as well as marijuana and other street drugs.

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    Greg S. Law, the defense lawyer who founded this firm. He is a former police officer who routinely investigated DWI / DUI violations throughout the course of his career. He was also a member of the DUI task force. In practical terms, this means that we understand the problems associated with blood alcohol and metabolite testing. We know how to attack the key evidence that the state must rely on these cases.

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