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  • You Can Be Charged With DUI Without Being Drunk

    In Utah, you can be completely sober or well under the legal limit of .05 BAC and still be charged with a DUI. How? The answer is found in Section 41-6a-517 of the Utah Code, which specifically prohibits driving a motor vehicle with any measurable controlled substance in the body, even if the substance in question is a prescribed medication. If you are like many people who have been charged under Utah’s “Driving with a Measurable Metabolite” statute, you’re probably more than just a little shocked and outraged by what has happened to you. Unfortunately, these charges are actually very serious and must be aggressively defended.

    At the offices of Greg S. Law we offer extensive experience with DUI cases of all types and have represented individuals in criminal courts throughout the state of Utah. Mr. Law is a former police officer who served on the state’s DUI task force. Learn more about what we can do to help you resolve the charges against you by calling or contacting us online for a free initial consultation.

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    Metabolite DUI

    Greg S. Law, the defense lawyer who founded this firm, is a former police officer who routinely investigated DWI/DUI violations throughout the course of his career, and who was also a member of the DUI task force. In practical terms, this means that we understand the problems associated with blood alcohol and metabolite testing and how to attack the key evidence that the state must rely on these cases.

    In every case, our primary goal is a dismissal or an outright acquittal. With that in mind, we will vigorously challenge the prosecution’s version of the facts and the evidence against you at every possible opportunity. In fact, we have surprised dozens of former clients with the news that their DUI and drunk driving charges were completely dismissed. We will do our very best to achieve similar results on your behalf.

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