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    Salt Lake Professional Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Licensed professionals face distinctive challenges when they are charged with crimes, due to the fact that many criminal offenses can expose the person to serious professional consequences in proceedings independent of the criminal prosecution. In many situations, an otherwise sound criminal defense strategy could have unintended adverse implications for a license suspension hearing or ethical investigation.

    Contact the law firm of Greg S. Law, in Salt Lake City to learn how an experienced criminal defense attorney approaches the task of protecting professional interests while fighting serious criminal charges. A former police officer, Greg Law is often chosen as defense counsel by law enforcement professionals and lawyers who find themselves charged with criminal offenses.

    The particular risks of conviction for someone working in a licensed occupation vary a great deal according to the particular field, the licensing board’s rules and enforcement practices, the relationship, if any, between the offense charged and the professional functions, and the defendant’s current disciplinary record or criminal history. We will examine each of these considerations in detail before advising you of your most promising options.

    Defending Teachers, Coaches, Police Officers, Business People, And Health Care Professionals


    We represent licensed professionals from many fields who need to resolve charges ranging from domestic violence or drunk driving to serious drug felonies, fraud crimes, or sex offenses. We work with professionals including:

    • Health care professionals: doctors, nurses, therapists, nurse’s assistants and pharmacists
    • Attorneys, paralegals, police officers and sheriff’s deputies
    • Teachers, principals, coaches and counselors
    • Child care workers in after-school programs, day care centers or camps
    • Members of the clergy and lay ministers or deacons
    • Real estate, insurance or financial professionals
    • Construction contractors
    • Commercial truck drivers

    In some cases, the professional disciplinary proceedings can be delayed until the criminal charges are resolved, and we proceed accordingly with an eye on your future administrative case. In other situations, especially when the criminal case is referred for prosecution from a licensing board inquiry, we will consider attacking the professional board proceedings first on a variety of grounds, including mistakes in the administrative investigation.

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