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    At the office of Greg S. Law, our lawyers handle Utah state and federal criminal charges, and represent both adults and juveniles facing criminal charges that range from common misdemeanor offenses such as a first-time DUI or shoplifting charge to serious felonies such as rape and murder. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney.
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    What We Defend

    DUI charges: Our lawyers handle all Utah DUI charges, including first and second DUI offenses, felony DUI, underage DUI, commercial driver’s license cases and vehicular homicide. We have experience challenging the results of field sobriety tests and blood/breath/urine tests. We also handle drivers license hearings for people arrested for DUI or accused of a refusal to test.

    Drug offenses: Was there probable cause? Was the search and seizure legal? We concede nothing when it comes to drug charges, and handle charges ranging from misdemeanor drug possession and driving while impaired by drugs to federal felony charges involving drug sales or manufacturing.

    Domestic violence charges: We handle all types of domestic violence charges and restraining order-related matters in criminal courts.

    Juvenile defense: We defend juveniles against drug charges, violent crimes, theft offenses, minor in possession charges, and other juvenile offenses.

    Sex crimes: Our attorneys have handled numerous sex crimes cases, and have achieved positive results for individuals charged with various types of offenses, including rape, date rape, statutory rape, possession of child pornography, solicitation, Internet sex crimes and Utah sex offender registry violations.

    Theft and property crimes: Conviction on any theft charge can seriously damage your future. We offer a proven track record of success in defending people charged with theft crimes of every type, including white collar crimes, money laundering, forgery, shoplifting, criminal mischief, auto theft, identity theft, robbery and burglary.

    Violent crimes: Specific types of violent crimes our attorneys handle include murder, assault, aggravated assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, weapons-related charges and child abuse. We also know how to develop and present self-defense arguments whenever the facts and circumstances of the case support them.

    Additionally, we represent students and licensed professionals charged with criminal offenses in Utah.

    We Prepare Diligently. We Concede Nothing. Call Us For A Powerful Defense.

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