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    If you’ve recently been arrested and charged with a DUI, you have probably already gained some sense of just how tough Utah’s drunk driving laws really are. Before you decide how you are going to deal with these charges, you should know that the evidence against you may not be as ironclad as the police or prosecutors may have led you to believe.

    Before deciding that it’s okay to talk to them, talk to a knowledgeable Utah drunk driving defense attorney at the offices of Greg S. Law, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    As a former police officer who trained other officers on field sobriety testing, Greg S. Law has a comprehensive understanding of police DUI procedures. Greg has firsthand knowledge of just how common police mistakes are in these cases. Today, this knowledge consistently helps Greg obtain full acquittals, dismissals, and significantly reduced charges for the individuals we represent.

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    Comprehensive DUI Defense In Utah

    DUI cases in Utah proceed on two different fronts. One front is the civil case, involving your driving privileges. The other is the criminal case, which can lead to significant penalties.

    Our firm offers comprehensive representation in both aspects of your case. We will help you protect or regain your license. We will also defend you aggressively against criminal charges relating to impaired driving.

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