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    Sex Offender Defense Attorney UtahOne of the more serious consequences of a sex crime conviction is the need to register as a sex offender under state or federal law, and there’s a lot more to registration than putting your name on a list. The obligations of sex offender registration apply to juveniles and adults alike, and can continue for 10 years or for a lifetime, depending on the offense that triggered your registration status. These obligations are also binding on people with convictions from other states who reside in Utah, who are moving to Utah, or who are visiting Utah for more than 14 days.

    The best way to avoid these obligations is to defeat a serious sex crime charge or compromise it on terms that will relieve you from sex offender registration responsibilities. If you need advice about the need to comply with particular obligations in your case, or if you need help clearing up possible violations, the advice of an experienced sex offender registry attorney can help you. Contact the law firm of Greg S. Law, in Salt Lake City for a free consultation.

    Registration Creates Obligations

    Violations of the sex offender registration rules can expose the offender to a variety of penalties, including mandatory jail terms, extended probation and other consequences. Our goal as defense lawyers is to prevent you from further punishment on an old sex offense by defending you from the alleged violation, demonstrating the unintentional nature of a missed deadline or overlooked report, or otherwise minimizing the consequences of a violation to the greatest degree possible.

    Among many other consequences, registered sex offenders will appear on a public website, have employment approved by a probation officer, and have to keep the state notified on a current basis of residence, motor vehicle information, workplace, educational enrollment, and Internet identification information (user names, e-mail addresses) for any nonemployment or nonbanking website.

    We use a variety of strategies to keep your registration obligations as light as possible and to avoid further punishment for isolated violations. Whenever possible, we can show that you present a low risk of reoffending, that ongoing therapy has been successful for you, and that you present no particular risk to the public in general, past victims or particular classes of people such as children or women.

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