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    A second or third arrest for drunk driving in Utah exposes the defendant to the risk of severe punishment. A second-offense DUI charge requires 10 days in jail or community service with a mandatory license suspension of two years. Third and subsequent offenses are charged as felonies. They are punishable by up to five years in prison with a mandatory minimum sentence of 62 and one-half days.

    Contact Greg S. Law, in Salt Lake City for if you are exposed to the serious charge of repeat DUI in the Salt Lake City metro area. Greg Law is a former police officer who is trained in DUI arrest and investigation techniques. Multiple DUI attorney Greg Law is thoroughly committed to helping clients avoid the worst consequences of a conviction while looking for ways to eliminate or reduce serious criminal charges to the greatest degree possible.

    Diligence During The Drivers License Hearing


    One of the most important tools we use in developing and presenting the defense to repeat DUI charges is thorough preparation for the driver’s license suspension hearing at the Driver License Division. Our goal at the hearing is not only to protect your right to drive while the criminal case is ongoing, but also to develop the record in such a way as to expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and uncover procedural mistakes in the traffic stop, the arrest, or the chemical analysis of blood or breath samples.

    Exposing weaknesses in the evidence can often open the door toward reduced charges or even dismissal. We also concentrate on strategies designed to protect you from repeat DUI sentencing that goes beyond the minimum punishment required under the facts of a given case.

    No matter how serious the charges against you, keep in mind that the presumption of innocence that protects you also requires the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Greg Law’s police background gives him a good idea of how hard it can be to meet that burden of proof, especially when effective criminal defense strategies keep important parts of the evidence out of the record of the case.

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    Our law firm represents drivers facing repeat DUI charges in greater Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, including drivers whose prior drunk driving convictions are from other states. For a free consultation about the most effective ways to resolve your charges, contact an experienced Salt Lake City repeat DUI lawyer at the office of Greg S. Law.