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  • Like they do every year, the Utah Highway Patrol conducted a DUI blitz over the St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. The UHP made the announcement of the DUI blitz leading up to the weekend yet many drivers still chose to drink and drive.

    The St. Patrick’s Day DUI blitz began at 9:00 pm on Saturday March 16th at the UHP headquarters in Murray with 75 additional troopers on the roads last weekend.


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    UHP released this statement prior to the blitz:

    “Have a good time,” said Cpl. Chris Bishop of the Utah Highway Patrol. “We have no problems with people getting out there, and having a good time, but be responsible. There are so many ways to get home that don’t involve an individual getting behind the wheel. There’s Lyft, Uber, public transportation, taxis, designated drivers. We encourage folks to use those opportunities instead of making poor choices that could cost someone else their life,” said Bishop.

    Bishop also had this to say to ABC News regarding the details of the St. Patrick’s Day DUI Blitz:

    “In Salt Lake, there are probably 20-30 troopers operating at a single time,” said Bishop. “In Utah County, there’s probably five to ten. In Davis County about the same.”

    From 2008 to 2017 there have been 20 deadly DUI related crashes in Utah. St. Patrick’s Day ranks fourth in Utah for alcohol related crashes behind Pioneer Day, Memorial Day, and Easter.

    If you found yourself in trouble with the law over this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. Give me a call. I can help.

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