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    Police, prosecutors and judges take violent crimes very seriously, and almost always try to seek justice for the victim. In most cases, the end result is harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, sometimes without the possibility of parole.

    If you have been charged with some type of violent crime, hire an experienced defense lawyer who has had proven success defending people charged with similar offenses. Do not wait to do this. Your future may very well depend on it.

    At the offices of Greg S. Law, we know that being charged with a violent crime can carry serious repercussions that last a lifetime. We are ready to protect your rights, and can provide the experienced, aggressive defense representation you will need in the weeks and months ahead. To learn more, call or contact us online for a free initial consultation with an experienced Salt Lake City violent crimes attorney.

    Protecting Your Rights No Matter What

    Our attorneys handle cases throughout the state of Utah and violent crime charges of all types, including:

    • Assault and battery
    • Aggravated assault
    • Robbery
    • Sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, etc.
    • Weapons offenses or enhancements
    • Kidnapping
    • Homicide or murder
    • Domestic violence-related offenses

    You may be facing additional charges in addition to your violent crimes charges. We provided skilled defense to individuals facing charges for unlawful possession of a firearm.

    As Utah aggravated assault lawyers, we are not afraid to take any case to trial whenever that becomes necessary to protect a client's reputation, freedom or future. While many attorneys and law firms make similar claims, few actually have the record of trial results to back it up. We do.

    Lastly, several police officers and attorneys who have found themselves in trouble with the law have chosen to trust their defense to our law firm. We are proud of that fact and think that it speaks volumes about the quality of representation we provide. We hope you do too.

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