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    Are you worried that an old criminal offense will turn up on a background check? Do you cringe when a job application asks you to list arrests or convictions? If you qualify for expungement of your criminal records, you can move on with your life as if the incident never happened. Expungement is an administrative process to have old arrest records and convictions wiped from your official record. The record-clearing attorneys at Greg S. Law, can steer your case through the complex legal process of expunging your Utah criminal records. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible.Utah Expungement Lawyer Salt Lake City

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    The Utah Expungement Act provides a remedy to seal all records related to an arrest, investigation, detention and/or conviction. Employers, lenders, landlords, and the public will not be able to view those records. On job applications and other official forms, you can legally state that you were never arrested or convicted.

    If you were arrested but not convicted — the charges were dropped or you were acquitted at trial — all associated records can be expunged right away.

    If you were convicted of a crime — but served probation or completed court supervision, you can apply to expunge the conviction after a certain period of time: three years for class C misdemeanor, four years of a class B misdemeanor, five years for a class A misdemeanor, seven years for a felony. Some drunk driving (DUI) offenses and drug crimes can be expunged after 10 years.

    Certain crimes cannot be expunged, such as violent felonies, vehicular homicide, felony DUI, or sex offenses. However, most offenses can be expunged, including juvenile delinquency records.

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