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  • If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and face drunk driving charges following an arrest in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Provo or Ogden, work with a focused criminal defense lawyer who understands the legal and practical challenges you’re facing. Contact the law firm of Greg S. Law, Salt Lake City DUI Attorney for a free consultation.

    CDL holders know that the level of intoxication necessary to support a conviction is less than the blood alcohol concentration applicable to DUI for the general public, .04 percent as opposed to .05 percent. They also know that the lower intoxication level and harsher penalties for CDL drunk driving convictions will apply against commercial drivers who were arrested while driving their own private vehicles as well as while driving 18-wheelers or other commercial trucks.

    Protecting The Interests Of Commercial Drivers


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    At the law firm of Greg S. Law, we use many different approaches to protecting the licenses and criminal records of the clients we serve. We start with the arresting officer’s decision to pull your car or truck over in the first place. At the administrative hearing on your license suspension issues, we can challenge the officer’s reasons. We can also examine the reasons why the officer placed you under arrest, and then expose the facts or contradictions that can weaken the government’s case against you.

    Greg Law’s familiarity with the procedural and technical aspects of field sobriety and blood alcohol testing can also support a strong attack on the primary evidence of intoxication that the prosecution needs to obtain a conviction. Our ability to develop effective arguments based on flawed DUI evidence can help you defeat the charges at trial, but more often, it can lead to a satisfactory resolution of the charges at an earlier stage of the case on terms that will let you continue your professional driving career.

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    Our Utah DUI law firm represents CDL holders in greater Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, including commercial drivers from other states who were arrested for drunk driving while traveling through the area. For a free consultation about your most promising defense options, contact an experienced Salt Lake City CDL DUI defense attorney at the office of Greg S. Law.