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    One of the most immediate effects of a DUI conviction is immediate license suspension for an amount of time that depends on the circumstances under which you were charged.

    An experienced attorney has the ability to defend against DUI charges in ways that prevent or limit license suspension. Greg S. Law is a former police officer who understands police DUI procedures firsthand, and is known for his diligent preparation and aggressive approach that leads to results. He knows what is necessary to successfully protect your rights and freedom.

    We encourage you to contact us for a free initial consultation with an experienced Salt Lake City license suspension lawyer. We are confident in our ability to help you as we have helped many others.

    Some Charges Bring Mandatory License Suspension


    Elected Utah officials have implemented several laws that impose mandatory suspension for a variety of different convictions outside of DUI; even many crimes that did not involve driving and do not appear related, including:

    Even many plea agreements to lesser charges offered by the prosecutor involve license suspension for varying time frames. To protect your rights and freedom to drive, it is very important to have experienced legal representation that will aggressively pursue protection of your rights and freedoms.

    If your license has already been suspended, do not drive. Speak to a skilled attorney who may be able to negotiate an exception for driving to and from work or to pick up your children from school. In Utah, you may incur civil liability if you get caught driving without a license and are involved in an accident — even if the accident was not your fault.

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