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  • Attacking Salt Lake City DUI Evidence Gathered In Roadside Tests


    Field sobriety tests are the exercises that a law enforcement officer puts you through prior to a DUI arrest. Gazing at a moving light, counting backwards, or walking and turning along a line, to name just a few of them. Find out how a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the ways field sobriety testing can affect your chances of conviction on a drunk driving charge, as well as the ways the methods used in your case might actually support your defense.

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    Experienced Defense Lawyer For Salt Lake City DUI Charges

    Salt Lake DUI Road Side Test Lawyer

    Salt Lake City field sobriety evidence attorney Greg Law is a former police officer who trained other officers in DUI investigation and arrest procedures. He was a certified instructor in standardized field sobriety testing. He knows that there are only three tests recognized as reliable by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He also knows that field sobriety testing is not recommended for certain kinds of DUI suspects, or under certain weather or terrain conditions.

    Greg Law uses his understanding of field sobriety testing to help clients in a variety of ways. He cross-examines arresting officers at license suspension hearings to expose mistakes in the roadside testing. This experience also helps people charged with refusal or implied consent violations, where the related drunk driving charges can only be proved through the evidence developed through field sobriety testing.

    Our law firm’s approach to attacking the results of roadside sobriety tests can make the decisive difference in your Utah DUI case, both in the driver’s license hearing and in the pretrial and trial stages of the criminal case.

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