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  • Utah Hunting Charges LaywerMany hunting and fishing offenses are honest errors. But ignorance of the law is not an excuse if you are accused of poaching or other violations of Utah wildlife regulations. With the potential for harsh penalties, including jail, confiscation of firearms, and loss of hunting privileges, you need experienced legal representation.

    The fish and game law firm of Greg S. Law,, handles all violations prosecuted by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources in Weber County and surrounding communities. Our mission is to uphold your rights and exhaust your defenses to limit any adverse consequences of the charges against you.

    If you are accused of poaching or other hunting offenses in the state of Utah, contact our Salt Lake City attorneys for a knowledgeable and vigorous defense. We can represent residents of other states charged with crimes in Utah.

    Aggressive Defense Against Utah Fish And Wildlife Violation Charges


    The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is aggressive and sometimes overzealous in its efforts to stop poaching of big game, upland game, waterfowl and fish. Unfortunately, that means that many hunters and anglers who are innocent or who unknowingly violated the law are prosecuted as poachers.

    We can defend anyone accused of:

    • Hunting or fishing without a license
    • Taking big game without a permit or tag
    • Taking game out of season
    • Exceeding allotments or bag limits
    • Baiting or shining deer or elk
    • Hunting outside of a designated zone
    • Trespassing on private or restricted government lands
    • Shooting and firearms violations
    • Other hunting violations

    Harsh Penalties For Poaching Convictions


    The penalties for a poaching conviction may include jail time, fines and restitution, confiscation of hunting equipment and the loss of hunting privileges. Utah is a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, which means that you would be unable to obtain a hunting or fishing license in 40 other states.

    Utah’s mandatory minimum restitution for killing or possessing protected big game is staggering: $2,000 for pronghorn; $6,000 for bison, moose or mountain goats; up to $8,000 for deer or elk (trophy specimens); and $30,000 for bighorn sheep.

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