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  • Why You Need To Fight Domestic Abuse Allegations


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    If you were arrested for a domestic disturbance or if your estranged partner has accused you of violence or threats, you must take this seriously and contact an attorney. Once the police and courts become involved, this will not “blow over.” There can be a harsh and lasting fallout if you are convicted of a domestic violence charge. And just because your spouse or significant other “doesn’t want to press charges,” does not mean the prosecutor will dismiss your case.

    Most people are not aware of all the ramifications of a domestic violence conviction. Jail is just the start. You could lose your children, employment opportunities and the right to possess firearms. A domestic violence accusation, if not aggressively challenged, can come back to haunt you in many ways for many years.

    If you have been arrested on charges of domestic violence, contact the Salt Lake City domestic violence attorneys at Greg S. Law, about your defense as soon as possible.

    Potential Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

    The law firm of Greg S. Law, aggressively defends individuals throughout the state of Utah who have been charged with domestic violence or violating a restraining order. We vigorously counter the prosecution’s version of events to prevent our client from suffering these serious consequences:

    • Incarceration — You may be sentenced to jail time or prison, with the stigma and ramifications.
    • Employment — The misdemeanor or felony record might result in termination of your current employment, and might disqualify you from certain jobs or security clearance.
    • Firearms — The federal restriction on possession of firearms means that you cannot own or possess a gun, for protection of your home or even for hunting purposes.
    • Family law — A domestic violence conviction may prohibit you from having primary or joint custody of children. Issuance of a restraining order might prevent you from seeing your children at all, or only in a humiliating supervised visitation. Domestic violence allegations in a divorce can also work against you in property division and alimony.
    • Enhanced penalties — Additional charges or penalties apply if a domestic assault accusation sticks and there are aggravating factors: in the presence of a child, involving a weapon, in violation of a protective order, or involving criminal mischief (damage to community property).

    How We Can Help Your Case

    The Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers at Greg S. Law, are committed to doing everything possible to avoid a conviction, avoid restraining orders or shielding clients from the ramifications of domestic violence accusations.

    For example, we can sometimes reduce domestic violence assault down to a non-domestic violence disorderly conduct charge if there is no evidence of violence. A plea in abeyance, if successfully completed, can result in dismissal of charges and restoration of firearm rights. A credible counterargument in court may convince a judge to dismiss criminal charges, dismiss the restraining order petition or allow you to retain custody/visitation rights.

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    We don’t judge you, and we never take the allegations at face value. We know that these accusations are often exaggerated if not fabricated to get revenge or for leverage in family court.

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