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  • Pill Defense Lawyer Salt Lake CityBecause of the explosion in the recreational use of prescription painkillers and antidepressants, law enforcement agencies across Utah are cracking down on prescription drug offenses; the same as cocaine and other illegal narcotics.

    This aggressive enforcement commonly results in felony charges against people caught with a couple of pills. Even if your intentions were innocent, you cannot presume to talk your way out of this. With a criminal record and possible prison time at stake, you need an attorney who can meet the charges head-on and aggressively fight for you.

    Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer Greg S. Law is a former police officer who worked as a drug recognition expert (DRE). He knows how to fight drug charges. If you are accused of unlawfully possessing or distributing prescription drugs, contact us

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    Prescription Drug Crimes Can Be Unintentional

    The law firm of Greg S. Law, is called upon more and more frequently to defend against allegations of prescription drug crimes like illegal possession. Many of our clients are scared out of their wits because they have never been arrested, let alone charged with a felony crime. All of the following can and do result in embarrassing arrests and serious prosecutions:

    • Possessing Oxycontin (oxycodone), Percocet, Lortab, Xanax, Valium or any prescription-only drug that was not prescribed to you
    • Carrying loose pills in your pocket or a nonoriginal container
    • Borrowing a prescription painkiller from a friend
    • Giving pills to friends or family members
    • Stealing and selling pills from mom’s or dad’s medicine cabinet
    • Prescription fraud — stealing doctors’ scrip pads to force a prescription, altering the pill count on a valid prescription, filling a prescription at more than one pharmacy
    • Driving under the influence of medications

    Be Careful What You Say To The Police

    Drug cases can originate in different ways: a traffic stop, an observed exchange, an anonymous tip. Many people, not knowing their rights or not believing they have done anything illegal, answer the officer’s questions and consent to a search, and soon find themselves in handcuffs and a living nightmare.

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    Utah prescription drug offenses lawyer Greg Law and his legal team know how to attack the state’s case to question the validity of the arrest to make unfounded charges go away. We understand the criminal justice process and the opportunities for alternative dispositions that avoid incarceration and keep this regrettable incident off your record. We know how to raise doubt at trial if we have to go to court to fight for your freedom.

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