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  • Utah Assault and Battery DefenseAn assault and battery charge can result in significant jail time and a criminal record that may negatively impact your life for years or even decades to come.

    With so much at stake, you need an attorney who is not afraid to fight for his or her clients in court; someone who won’t push you into making a deal even though a trial will likely produce the same or better results.

    At the offices of Greg S. Law, we believe every person who is accused of a crime deserves a zealous and aggressive defense, and that is exactly what we provide. Our attorney team includes a former police officer who is skilled and trained in investigating all types of crimes, including assaults. Most importantly, we have a proven record of results that includes numerous acquittals, charge dismissals and plea agreements involving lesser charges.

    To learn more, call or contact our Utah criminal defense law firm online for a free initial consultation with an experienced Salt Lake City assault and battery attorney.

    We Work To Secure The Best Possible Result In Your Case

    As attorneys, we have used many different approaches to successfully defend clients facing assault and battery charges, and other violent crimes as well. The best defense strategy in your case, however, will depend on the unique facts and circumstances involved in the case. This includes the presence of aggravating factors such as:

    • Serious bodily injury
    • The use or presence of weapons in connection with the assault
    • Prior criminal history

    In any case, our goal is to protect your record, rights and freedom to the greatest extent possible, which means first seeking an acquittal or outright dismissal. If an acquittal or dismissal is not a realistic option, we will diligently negotiate on your behalf with the prosecution to seek a significantly reduced charge or other plea agreement that will mitigate the penalties and adverse consequences you face.

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