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  • Former Police Officer, Experienced Utah Criminal Law Attorney

    Prior to earning his law degree, Greg S. Law worked as a police officer for more than five years and served as a drug recognition expert. Today, that training and experience with police procedures, criminal investigations, and criminal prosecutions is an invaluable asset in our efforts to protect the rights and freedoms of those we represent.

    In fact, police officers and other attorneys who have found themselves facing criminal charges routinely turn to our Greg S. Law for their defense.

    No matter whom you are or what you've been charged with, you have a right to a vigorous defense. Our goal is to see that you walk free, regardless of the seriousness of the charges. To make that happen, we will scrutinize every detail of the state's case against you; the stop, the arrest, any interviews or interrogations, search and seizure issues, the forensic evidence and everything else included. If something isn't right, we'll know it, and we'll challenge the prosecution to prove otherwise at each opportunity.

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    Criminal charges? There's too much at stake. For an attorney who will fight for you every step of the way, call 801-261-6228 the Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, Greg S. Law today.

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