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  • Test Results Can Be Fallible

    It is not “game over” when the DUI prosecutor has a blood alcohol reading of .08 or higher for you, or a positive test for drugs in your system. Both the mechanical and human aspects of chemical testing can be challenged by a lawyer, and if police did not have probable cause to pull you over and administer tests, the results may not even be admissible.

    At Greg S. Law, PLLC, we never take test results, police reports or any of the prosecution’s “facts” at face value. We know what is at stake if you are accused of driving under the influence, and we know how to challenge the evidence, including chemical tests.

    Founded by a former police officer who is intimately familiar with the elements of a drunk driving arrest, our law firm offers aggressive DUI defense in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Utah. If you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, contact us for a free initial consultation.

    Salt Lake Chemical Test for DUI Defense Lawyer

    Practical Experience With DUI and Drug Law Enforcement

    In his law enforcement career, Greg S. Law routinely investigated impaired driving cases and was a member of the DUI task force. He uses that experience in his criminal defense practice to create reasonable doubt regarding chemical testing. Our legal team has successfully challenged:

    • Breathalyzer results — Was the machine properly calibrated per department rules? Was the officer certified on the Breathalyzer and was the test administered properly?
    • Blood or urine results — How much time passed? Were the samples contaminated or compromised in the chain of custody? If two samples were drawn, were the results markedly different? If the charge is DUI by prescription medication, was the concentration within the therapeutic range (consistent with taking the drug as prescribed)?
    • Refusal of chemical testing — Did the officer clearly explain the consequences of refusing a breath, blood or urine test? Were your words or actions misconstrued as a refusal?
    • Did other factors skew the amount of mouth alcohol at the time of your test (breath sprays, asthma inhalers, chewing tobacco, certain foods, vomiting, etc.)?
    • Did the officer adhere to the standard of a 15-minute observation period prior to the arrest?
    • Was your arrest and subsequent chemical test based on an unwarranted traffic stop?

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    A bad result from your DUI chemical test is not the last word. We have succeeded in getting such evidence suppressed or charges dismissed, and we will aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case to find opportunities in your case to beat the charges or spare you from the worst consequences.

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