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    Probation Violation Lawyer in Utah

    Fair or not, a person who is serving a probation or parole sentence does not have the same constitutional rights in a parole or probation proceeding that he or she would be guaranteed in a criminal case. The reason for this is that probation and parole involve civil law, and civil law does not hold the government to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standards in place to protect your rights under criminal law.

    At the offices of Greg S. Law, we use our experience, knowledge of the law and negotiation skills to help people avoid having their Utah probation or parole privileges revoked. Our founding attorney is a former police officer who is completely familiar with probation and parole procedures. Contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation with an experienced Salt Lake City probation violations attorney.

    Fighting For Leniency

    Although the state has a low burden of proof when it comes to demonstrating a parole and probation violation, we are often able to arrange and attend evidentiary hearings where we can argue against charges that you violated parole or probation. Similarly, if you have been cooperative and forthright, we can use those facts to press for leniency in your case. Getting your revoked probation restarted is another option in some cases. Although this may increase the total length of your sentence, it will get you out from behind bars and get you back to your life and those you care about.

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    Don’t assume that it’s too late or that there’s no way you can win. Act now to enlist a Utah parole violations lawyer to protect your rights and minimize the damage. To learn more, call either of the two numbers listed above or contact us with a brief e-mail message. We offer a free initial consultation, and are available for evening and weekend appointments. We also accept major credit cards.