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  • A 10-Day Window To Keep Your License

    Salt Lake DUI Driver's license Hearing LawyerUtah drunk driving charges present two separate problems for the defendant that need to be dealt with at the same time. First, you need to avoid conviction on the criminal DUI case. While your defense on the criminal charge is under preparation, you will also need to deal with the driver’s license suspension issues automatically triggered by the drunk driving arrest.

    You have only 10 days in which to request a hearing before the Driver License Division of the Utah Department of Public Safety on the license suspension issues connected to the DUI case. Though often referred to as a DMV hearing, the administrative proceedings related to your license actually take place in a different state agency, the Department of Public Safety.

    If you do not request a hearing within this period, you lose your right to drive while your criminal case is pending. Contact the law firm of Greg S. Law, in Salt Lake to learn how an experienced criminal defense lawyer can protect your interests on both sides of your legal problem.

    DMV Hearing As Preliminary Trial

    A former police officer with an advanced understanding of approved law enforcement techniques in drunk driving arrest procedures, Greg Law will use the DMV hearing not only to protect your right to drive, but also to attack the evidence against you in the criminal case. He can use the hearing as an opportunity to test much or all of the evidence supporting the DUI charges:

    • Police reports
    • Field sobriety test results
    • Reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing necessary to support the traffic stop
    • Probable cause to suspect drunk driving necessary to support the arrest
    • Timing and substance of Miranda warnings
    • Procedures used to administer breath or blood tests

    We can develop detailed testimony on any of these points. We can also often obtain evidence from the arresting officer that contradicts statements in the police reports, or that will otherwise make it difficult to obtain a conviction on the drunk driving charges at trial.

    While the immediate goal of the hearing is to keep your driver’s license intact, our ability to cross-examine the arresting officer on key issues in the criminal case can strengthen your defense and often open the door toward a favorable resolution.

    We Fight For Your Rights At The DMV Hearing. Call Us Today.

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    To learn more about the ways an experienced Salt Lake City DMV hearing attorney can help you maintain the right to drive while highlighting the prosecution’s evidentiary problems in your criminal DUI case, contact Greg S. Law, for a free consultation.