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  • Marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in nine states and thirty states have made medical marijuana legal. Utah will be voting this November on Proposition 2, which could legalize medical marijuana in Utah.

    With marijuana being used more widely and “legally” the increase in marijuana DUI drivers has grown.

    With Utah being sandwiched in between two states that have legalized recreational marijuana (Nevada, Colorado).

    The increase in drug DUIs has risen throughout the state of Utah.


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    Utah Police have no way to know if a driver is currently high while driving besides preforming filed sobriety tests or asking the driver to submit to a blood draw, which is not accurate being as drugs and metabolites can stay in one’s system days, weeks, or months after the driver has used the substance.

    So companies are quickly searching for a way to create a marijuana breathalyzer that functions much like the alcohol breathalyzer. The marijuana breathalyzer would measure the amount of THC in one’s breath to determine whether the driver had recently used marijuana and then got behind the while to drive.

    These breathalyzers are still being tested and states have not started using them yet. But with marijuana being legalized rapidly throughout the country and possibly soon in Utah.

    Utah drivers could soon see the “pot breathalyzer” being used by Utah Police during DUI stops.

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    A DUI drug conviction can land you in jail, cost more than $1,00 and take away your license for up to two years. Your future depends on a strong defense. If you have been accused of drug DUI in Utah, hire marijuana DUI lawyer Greg S. Law. Mr. Law has successfully defended countless clients facing DUI charges throughout Utah, including clients in Bountiful, Murray, Springville, Provo and Salt Lake City.

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