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  • Utah’s 0.05% BAC DUI Law Is The Same As Driving While Elderly

    July 18, 2017 | Blog Drunk Driving
  • Utah 0.05% DUI LawyerThere is a new ad running right now put out by the American Beverage Institute that compares Utah’s new 0.05% DUI law to driving while old.

    The ad is based off some research done by the National Highway Traffic Administration that claims that drivers that are older than 65 are more impaired and less competent to operate a motor vehicle than someone with the (BAC) Blood alcohol content of 0.05%.

    The featured ad contains pictures of many of the government officials who were involved in passing Utah’s new 0.05% BAC limit. Some of these officials were outraged that they were included in the ad.


    The ad then asked the question of whether or not these legislative members should go to jail for consistently operating a vehicle while being “impaired” by their age.

    “If Utah legislators believed drivers at 0.05% should go to jail, should those over 65 be arrested for DWO (Driving While Older)?”


    The lawmakers included in the ad are:

    • Gov. Gary Herbert
    • Rep. R. Curt Webb
    • Rep. Marie Poulson
    • Rep. Stephen Hardy
    • Rep. Carl Albrecht
    • Rep. V. Lowry Snow
    • Rep. Christine Watkins
    • Sen. Lyle Hillyard
    • Sen. Peter Knudson
    • Sen. Don Ipson
    • Sen. Allen Christensen

    The new law that was signed in by Governor Herbert back on March 23rd doesn’t begin taking affect until the beginning of 2018, but  Utah restaurants and bars are already doing all they can to repeal the law before it comes into practice.

    Once the new 0.05% is lowered from the 0.08% limit in Utah, the state will have the lowest legal driving BAC limit in the country. Time will only tell if this new law will have an affect on Utah drivers and what they decide to do about having a drink before driving.


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