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  • University of Utah Students Caught Vandalizing BYU Cougar Statue

    September 20, 2017 | Blog Criminal Charges
  • U of U BYU Rivalry Vandalism AttorneyFour University of Utah Students were caught vandalizing the cougar statue at Brigham Young University the morning of September 9th the same day as the Ute – Cougar rivalry Football game also known as the “Holy War”.

    The students had spray painted two red “U” logos on the cougar along with a white smiley face. The suspects were two males ages 18, and 20 and two females ages 18 and 19.

    The students almost got away with the vandalism in Provo, but they decided to drive by statue again after they had completed the vandalism to get selfies of their new artwork.


    Witnesses had seen the U of U students spray painting the cougar statue and told authorities to be on the look out for a blue Volkswagen Beetle and when the students returned to the scene of the crime to get their selfies the police apprehended them.

    According to Officer Carlos Acosta of BYU Police Department wrote after interviewing all four suspects that after leaving a hotel parking lot south of the stadium, the suspects said they wanted to “check out their work” and drove by the stadium northbound on Canyon Road “so they could take pictures in front of it.”

    The attorney for Provo City Stephen Schreiner charged all four suspects with criminal mischief, a Class B Misdemeanor and they have been ordered to appear in the Provo City Justice Court to enter a plea.

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