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  • I Refused A Chemical Test for DUI in Salt Lake: Now What?

    If you have refused to take a chemical test after being pulled over for drunk driving, you need an experienced DUI defense lawyer on your side — an attorney like Greg S. Law in Utah. Mr. Law is a former member of the state DUI task force and a former DRE (drug recognition expert) instructor with extensive knowledge of DUI law and defenses, including defenses after chemical test refusals.

    Protect your rights. Put an experienced chemical test refusal lawyer on your side. Whether you were pulled over in Murray, Springville, or Salt Lake City, schedule a free consultation by calling 801-261-6228 or sending an e-mail.

    Salt Lake DUI Test Refusal Defense Lawyer

    Act Quickly To Protect Your Driver’s License

    You have only 10 days to request a hearing with the Driver License Division (DLD)after refusing to submit to a breath test, blood test or urine test. If you fail to request this hearing, you will lose any right to contest your driver’s license suspension. The DLD can suspend your license for:

    • 18 months, if this is your first offense
    • 36 months, if you have previously been convicted of DUI or refused a chemical test

    Call us soon so we can help you protect your freedom to drive by requesting a hearing and raising defenses on your behalf. If, for example, your officer did not make it clear that you could lose your license for refusing to submit to a chemical test, or the officer did not have probable cause to arrest you, you may have a strong defense against your driver’s license suspension — and against your DUI charges.

    Two Cases. One Attorney. Call Today.

    Refusing a breath test or other chemical test doesn’t prevent DUI charges. You likely face both a criminal DUI case and administrative driver’s license suspension case. Greg S. Law can help you in both cases. His experience in DUI defense has earned him the respect of hundreds of clients, including numerous attorneys and police officers who have turned to him for help when they have faced DUI charges.

    If you need a chemical test refusal lawyer in Salt Lake City, put attorney Greg S. Law on your side by calling 801-261-6228 or sending an e-mail. We offer free consultations, including evening and weekend appointments. Payment plans are available, and we accept major credit cards.