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  • Hundreds of tickets have been written out to distracted drivers for using their electronic devices while driving.

    At the beginning of the year Washington State enacted a law making it a crime to use your electronic devices while driving (E-DUI). Over 870 distracted drivers were issued E-DUI tickets between January 1st and February 28th.

    Spokane newspaper, The Spokesman-Review reported that Washington State Patrol officer James Prouty told them that 1,677 E-DUI stops were made by Washington law enforcement and that 878 tickets were issued to driver’s that were caught using their cell phones while driving.

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    According to the reports:

    An E-DUI is defined as use of a personal electronic device while driving a motor vehicle on a public highway. A person who does so is guilty of a traffic infraction and must pay a fine. A first offense is $136; a second within five years is $234

    No E-DUI law has been passed here in the state of Utah. But there has been some discussion form Utah Law Makers in the past.

    If Utah does pass any kind of E-DUI bill it could mean an even stricter time driving for motorists. And along with the upcoming 0.05% DUI Law there might be some tough roads ahead for Utah drivers.

    There have been several people including the founder of MADD, who would rather see an E-DUI law passed over a 0.05% DUI Law. Several reports show that car crashes and automobile fatalities are caused more by distracted drivers who are on their phones as opposed to alcohol impaired drivers in Utah.

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