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  • Utah Senator Drinks During the Day Then Presents Bill to Delay New 0.05 DUI Law

    February 23, 2018 | Blog Drunk Driving
  • On Thursday, February 22nd Senator Jim Dabakis presented Senate Bill 210 to Utah Lawmakers while legally drunk 0.05% BAC.

    The senator had two mimosas before having an aide drive him up to Capitol Hill.

    He had the drinks and did the presentation to prove how ridiculous the new 0.05% DUI Law really is.


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    According to Fox 13:

    “My entire presentation has been at .05 and you may say that’s evidence of why we want the law,” said Dabakis. “I’m at .05 and I feel perfectly fine. This is just a terrible, terrible policy.”

    “Look, there is no, zero, scientific evidence that shows that .05 DUI is going to save lives,” Sen. Dabakis said. “There’s some hope and speculation… there is absolutely no evidence.”

    “I did not .05 drive,” he told FOX 13.

    Senator Dabakis’ latest stunt is the latest example in a long list of people and organizations that oppose the new DUI Law that goes into effect at the beginning of next year.

    Utah restaurant owners have already reported a 10% to 30% decline in sales due to the new law. Utah Ski Resorts have also reported an increase of cancellation from visiting groups specifically citing the desire to stay away from the new Utah DUI Law.

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