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  • Utah Representative Karen Kwan is working on a bill aimed at changing or repealing the new 0.05% DUI Law that will go into affect at the beginning of next year.

    Rep. Kwan is also a part of the legislatures transportation committee and is part of a group of law makers that are reviewing the new 0.05% DUI Law.


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    She and her group are looking at the new law and assessing what changes need to be made it that are more a concern of public safety and trying to get rid of the unintended consequences of the bill.

    One of these consequences  in the new law is it prohibits immigrant drivers from drinking at all. Which means that if they were pulled over with even a drop of alcohol on their breath they would have their driving privileges revoked.

    Another consequence is people with concealed weapon permit holders would face very sever punishment over a normal driver without the weapons permit.

    Utah’s new 0.05% DUI Law is being met with a lot of criticism and backlash. I have previously written about the ad from the American Beverage Institute and also the founder of MADD‘s dislike of the new bill as well.

    Rep. Kwan is hoping with her new bill that aims to make changes to the new law that they might be able to repeal the law all together.


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