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  • Being sentenced to probation instead of jail or prison time can be a huge relief for those Utah residents found guilty of a criminal offense. However, a probation violation can end up costing you your freedom if the judge decides to revoke your probation.

    Every person placed on probation will have certain stipulations that must be met.

    Bets Utah Probation Violation LawyerFor example, probation requirements may include paying fines, completing counseling or not receiving any additional traffic violations. When these conditions are violated, the court can seek to revoke your violation.

    At Greg S. Law, we have extensive experience representing our clients in probation violation hearings. One thing that we tell our clients to remember is that when they are on probation, they don’t have the same rights as they had when they were at trial for the criminal charges.

    Probation violations are actually civil law, and as such, the standards of “beyond a reasonable doubt” are not something the government has to abide by. However, there are several options that we can use to hopefully keep you from behind bars. These include getting your probation restarted, attending evidentiary hearing to argue against the probation violation and asking for leniency.

    At Greg S. Law, we understand how disheartening it can be to end up on probation and then have it possibly revoked. The sooner you seek counsel for a probation violation, the sooner we can begin to strategize and build a defense.

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