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  • Utah legislative representatives, prosecuting attorneys, and state officials are pushing for probation and parole reform.

    The main goal is to cut down on the number of adults in Utah who are on probation and parole and to lower state spending.


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    According to the Deseret News:

    “We have a problem of mass incarceration,” said Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, a Democrat. “Some of the methodologies and procedures, although that may not be our intention, end up contributing to that element of mass incarceration.”

    Last month, Gill and other state officials joined prosecutors from 20 other states — many of them liberal — and the District of Columbia in calling for probation and parole to be used more sparingly and only for offenders who seem to require it.

    The Utah officials that support this probation and parole reform say that it will help the state save $542 million dollars over the next 20 years.

    The goal is to get people that have been cited for crimes in proper treatment programs. Like Drug Court for those arrested for Drug Crimes.

    As the laws stand now, if with charged with possession, distribution, or trafficking of illegal or prescription drugs, the consequences of a conviction could negatively impact your life for years or even decades.

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    Source: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900020480/utah-pushes-reform-to-parole-probation.html

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    I agree that treatment is the ultimate answer, but someone needs to monitor their progress and keep the court informed regarding their efforts. Bill Morris. Probation Officer