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  • Drug related car crash deaths are rising sharply upwards in the past couple years in Utah. Most of the drug related fatal car crash deaths are a result of prescription drugs.

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    According to the Deseret News:

    Deadly collisions in which a driver tested positive for illicit, prescribed or over-the-counter drugs rose from 67 in 2015 to 72 last year, a 7 percent increase. It’s the highest number of drug-related fatalities in the past decade and accounts for more than a quarter of all fatal crashes in the state.

    The most common drugs of choice were marijuana, methamphetamine, depressants and narcotics, said Mary Lou Emerson, director of the Utah Substance Abuse Advisory Council.

    However, this statistic can be misleading because these types of drugs can remain in your system for weeks, so the driver may not have actually been “high” at the time.

    While these driving deaths have risen. Car crash fatalities related to alcohol have gone down a little bit. In the past year alcohol fatalities for drivers has dropped from 37% to 36%. Where drug related driver fatalities have risen from 37% in 2012 to 82% in recent years.

    According to KUTV:

    Police said that they are getting better at spotting impaired drivers and are giving officers advanced training on how to detect if someone is under the influence of a drug.

    Prescription Drug Crimes Can Be Unintentional


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