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  • Utah Law Enforcement Cracks Down On Marijuana Grow Ops

    September 29, 2016 | Blog Drug Charges
  • Davis County Marijuana AttorneyRecently, Federal Drug Enforcement agents joined Utah forces to remove over 400 marijuana plants from marijuana grow operations in Washington County. Officials believe that over 1000 cannabis plants had already been harvested in the area before the marijuana bust.

    The bust is just one example of aggressive efforts by state and federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service, the United States Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice, along with Utah police, to crackdown on marijuana growers in Utah.

    Recently, the Department of Justice released startling statistics on arrests and seizures made during marijuana drug busts on Utah public lands.


    DEA agents reported that they seized over 100,000 marijuana plants in 2015 – a 27-percent increase from the prior year. The DEA also arrested two dozen individuals during marijuana drug busts in 2015; also an increase from the previous year.

    U.S. Forest Service agents are also stepping up efforts to find and eradicate marijuana grow operators (grow ops) on Utah state lands. The Forest Service indicates that it found at least one grow op in each of the following Utah counties: Garfield County, Iron County, Sanpete County, Utah County, Davis County, Wasatch County, Washington County, and Wayne County.

    Marijuana grow ops have been able to take advantage of Utah’s back country, but federal, state and local law enforcement officials believe that their partnerships can drastically reduce the number of marijuana farms on Utah public lands.

    These crackdown efforts are proof that Utah officials and federal agencies are serious about combating the use, growth, possession and manufacture of this marijuana.

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