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  • Illegal Search and Sewizure Attorney UtahThe Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures by government authorities, including law enforcement. Unfortunately, law enforcement personnel routinely get away with violating search and seizure laws because many suspects do not know their own rights or do not talk to an attorney until it’s too late.

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    Protecting Your Constitutional Rights


    Essentially, the answer to this question depends on the situation. For example, if you consent to your property being searched, the police do not need a search warrant. If you withhold consent, however, the police will usually have to obtain a judge’s permission by way of a search warrant.

    Even with a search warrant, the police may not have the right to search every corner of your home. The reason is that search warrants must specifically state the evidence the police are looking for, which necessarily limits a search to places the police could reasonably expect to find that evidence. For example, if police are looking for a stolen car, they could not reasonably expect to find it in your bedroom closet.

    Searches Of Your Car


    The law says that once a suspect is arrested and handcuffed — if the suspect is within reach of the vehicle, or if the police have reason to believe evidence for the crime being arrested for is in the vehicle — the police do not need a search warrant to search the car. However, recent Supreme Court decisions have created an area of law where it is no longer black and white with regard to vehicle searches incident to an arrest. You need a knowledgeable, skilled defense attorney to determine whether the search was legal or a violation of your rights.


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