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  • Utah Law Makers Considering Lighter Penalties for 0.05% DUI

    October 24, 2017 | Blog Drunk Driving
  • Utah DUI 0.05 LawyerThe Utah Substance Abuse Advisory Council is investigating a tiered system of penalties for Utah drivers that are arrested for drunk driving under the upcoming 0.05% BAC Law, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

    The group has spent months studying to see if lighter penalties for those convicted of DUI between the 0.05% and 0.08% BAC would be effective.

    The study found that giving these drivers weaker penalties would only lessen the prosecution’s efforts.

    The Utah Substance Abuse Advisory Council voted today to support the upcoming new DUI law, which goes into effect December 30th, 2018.


    Here is a quote taken from the Tribune article:

    “I‘ve tried to follow through on each of these models, but I’m not crazy about any of them” said Salt Lake City prosecutor Paul Boyden, who lead the DUI committee’s research.

    He did come up with a set of possible changes, which he dubbed “Do No Harm Amendments,” but those are “fairly complicated” and would require changes to nearly two dozen sections of code, he said.


    Here is a list of the proposed amendments:

    • No mandatory jail time; compared to the 48 hours at 0.08;

    • 12 months as an interlock restricted driver, compared to 18 months at 0.08;

     • 120-day suspension with possible reinstatement after 90 days. Under 0.08, suspension is 120 days with no possibility of early reinstatement.
    The Council didn’t adopt the Do No Harm Amendments, but may use them as a starting point for law makers to make changes if needed.

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