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  • Utah Drivers License Hearing LawyerIf you’ve never been arrested for driving under the influence, then going through this stressful event may be rather frightening. There is so much going on, and some of it you might not understand. The answer to what happens after an arrest for driving while intoxicated in Utah according to the Utah Department of Public Safety is listed below. Your experience may be different simply because of police department policies and actions.

    — During the arrest, the officer took your driver’s license and issued a citation.

    That citation is your temporary driver’s license and is only good for 29 days.


    — Most likely, the officers had your vehicle impounded after searching it. According to the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles, you will have to provide a valid form of identification, prove you are the owner of the vehicle, pay all associated fees and take a Letter of Impound Release to the tow company.


    — Within 10 days, you should fax a Hearing Request form to the Department of Public Safety Driver License Division.

    If you have sought legal representation, your attorney can take care of this task.

    — On the 30th day after your temporary driver’s license was issued, your driving privileges may be suspended.

    There will be court appearances scheduled, and you need to make sure you attend each one. Your attorney will let you know what needs to be done on your end and what he or she will handle. There are ways to fight a DUI charge, but there isn’t a guarantee of a positive outcome. Cooperating with your attorney is one way of increasing your chances.