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  • Hours after being released from jail a man from Payson, Utah crashed his own plane into his own home.

    Duane Youd, 47 had been arrested for domestic violence against his wife Sunday night. He was released on bail early Monday morning and returned home to get some things.

    An hour later he crashed his Cessna 525 Citation Jet into his home. His wife and son were in the home at the time.


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    According to Sgt. Noemi Sandoval:

     “He is an experienced pilot, and he flew from Spanish Fork airport directly here into the home. We don’t know what his ultimate goal is, whether he meant to hit it low like he did or he meant to hit it higher, The lucky thing for us, if anything, in this whole situation is that we have destruction of property and we have one male deceased, but it could have been so much worse than what it was.

    A friend of Youd also had this to say:

    “I can’t believe he was able to fly in like that. If he hadn’t hit the car, I wonder how much more damage this would have done to the house.”

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