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  • Utah Arson Defense LawyerBeing charged with a criminal offense related to arson does not mean that your life has to be over. In fact, with the right representation, you can present a strong case in your own favor at a criminal trial, increasing the odds of a favorable outcome. A set of experienced attorneys can help you understand more about the arson-related criminal charges that you are facing, allowing you to make the best decisions about your individual case.

    You may not know the exact definition of arson in Utah.


    few people have occasion to research such matters until they are personally involved in an arson case. Utah residents may be charged with arson if they use fire or explosives to damage someone else’s property. Arson can also apply to those who are accused of attempting to defraud their insurer by intentionally setting a fire.

    Arson charges increase in severity as the value of the property damage rises.


    For example, someone who is accused of damaging more than $5,000 in property may face a second degree felony criminal charge, while a case involving between $1,500 and $5,000 in value would be considered a third degree felony. Misdemeanor arson usually involves property damage up to $1,500. Additional charges and long-term consequences may result if a fire or explosion injures a person or endangers human life.

    Your arson charges may be accompanied by additional allegations, including drug offenses, theft and property crimes.


    No matter the nature of the charges that have been filed against you, our criminal defense professionals can provide you with the information you need to make educated choices for your situation. A misdemeanor or felony criminal conviction can change your life forever; do not let an overzealous prosecutor victimize you by levying unfair long-term consequences. Make the right choice by enlisting the help of a knowledgeable attorney.

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