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  • Former Police Officer Busted with 200 Pounds of Marijuana in Tooele County

    July 31, 2017 | Blog Drug Charges
  • Tooele Criminal Defense Attorney Marijuana A retired police officer was recently arrested with over 200 pounds of marijuana in his truck in Tooele, Utah.

    Edward Jasper Hansen, 67 was charged two months ago with over 100 pounds of marijuana possession, a Third-Degree Felony and delivering drug paraphernalia which is A Class Misdemeanor.

    Edward Jasper Hansen is a former Atlanta, Georgia police officer. He used to work with in the robbery and sex crimes unit and retired in 1994.

    On May 23rd of this year Tooele police officers pulled over his black Toyota Tundra because of a too dark tint violation on his windows. When the Tooele police officers approached Hansen’s window his was visibly distraught and shaking.


    Moments later the police K-9 alerted the Tooele and Utah Highway Patrol Officers to the covered bed of his truck. That revealed 222 vacuum sealed one pound bags of marijuana and cash.

    Hansen was then placed under arrest. When asked why he did he said, “It’s a game,’ and, ‘Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Today wasn’t my day.” He also mentioned that it was worth the risk and that he was trying to provide money for his children.

    This type of attitude is not uncommon with drug traffickers. The price of drugs being so high drug traffickers stand to make a lot of money and sometimes that money can out risk the consequences of being caught by Tooele Police officers or the Utah Highway Patrol.

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