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  • Salt Lake City Texting and Driving Defense LawyerRoad fatalities had been decreasing for years in Utah and throughout the United States until recently in 2015, when they began to rise drastically.

    This increase in road fatalities is mainly caused by distracted drivers who are texting while driving. To combat this trend of texting and driving law makers are proposing some drastic ideas to decrease this trend in Utah and the United States.

    Law makers are proposing to treat distracted / texting and driving the same way they treat drunk driving.


    There are several ideas floating around like asking social media companies like Twitter and Facebook to discourage drivers from getting on their phone while operating a motor vehicle.

    The most over-reaching and right violating idea that has been floated around is to provide Utah police officers with a new device that is basically the digital version of a Breathalyzer that acts as a road side test for your cell phone called a Textalyzer.

    The way that a Textalyzer would work would is like this, when Utah law enforcement arrived at the scene of a crash they could request the cellphone of any drivers involved in the crash. They then would plug these cellphones into the Textalyzer to check for any recent activity.

    The Textalyzer would then determine whether the driver had texted, emailed, or done anything prohibited under Utah driving laws.


    According to Utah law:

    “Texting & Driving is Illegal in Utah. Utah is one of 19 states that has banned texting while driving.”

    If this law passes it would be another infringement of a drivers privacy and 4th amendment rights for drivers in Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah.

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