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  • Nevada Is Changing The Way It Tests Drivers Under The Influence Of Marijuana

    May 9, 2018 | Blog Drug Charges
  • Marijuana has been legal in the State of Nevada for almost a year and half now. Since the legalization there has been an uptick in drug related DUI charges.

    However, two medical students discovered that the way law enforcement were testing drivers was giving out false sportive results. Traditionally enforcement agencies tested suspected drivers with urine tests, which were giving positive results for drivers who haven’t smoked marijuana in weeks. Another test is the blood test which did not pick up users who had eaten edibles.

    According to LAS VEGAS (FOX5):

     Two pre-med students helped change the marijuana DUI laws.

    Their names are Graham Lambert and Chris Cullison, and they aren’t stereotypical marijuana advocates. As aspiring doctors, they said they can’t even consume cannabis.

    “We are not for or against the use of marijuana. It’s just not something we’re interested in,” Chris Cullison said.

    Cullison and Lambert were working on a project for Touro University when they discovered the way law enforcement was testing for marijuana DUIs was wrong. The students found the urine tests which were given out gave false positives for people who potentially hadn’t smoked in weeks. Furthermore they found the blood test missed people who ate edibles. The two students first went to their professor, then from lawmaker to lawmaker to make a change.

    “We would go to their offices and just roll out this giant 4-by-6 (foot) poster and say, “Do you see this? This is what we’re talking about,” Cullison laughed.

    “Ya,” Lambert said pausing. “They did not believe us.”

    After testifying before the legislature, and after medical professionals testified agreeing with their findings, marijuana laws were changed. And the two students were there as Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval made the changes.

    Since, entities like Nevada Highway Patrol have been using that science. Nevada Highway Patrol shared their findings to show how they’re dealing with legal marijuana.

    Right now law enforcement agencies are relying on field sobriety tests that are the exact same for alcohol related DUI stops.

    Marijuana is still not legal in Utah. However, there is a bill on this year’s voting ballot to have medical marijuana become legal in Utah.

    If the bill passes smoking weed and driving while high will still be illegal, but taking oils, pills, vaping, and edibles of marijuana based substances will be legal.

    Separate penalties apply for possession of drug paraphernalia like pipes or bongs. Again, penalties increase if you intend to sell the drug — especially if you sell to a minor.

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