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  • Family Suing Salt Lake County Jail Over Daughter’s Death

    March 23, 2018 | Blog Drug Charges
  • In March 2016 Lisa Marie Ostler was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for a drug arrest.

    Lisa began complaining of discomfort and pain. The officers thought she was just going through a drug withdrawal. What they didn’t know is that Lisa suffered from Crohn’s disease.

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    Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes extreme pain in the digestive system.

    Over the course of the next few days Lisa had a slow painful death.

    According to a recent lawsuit filed by Ostler’s family Salt Lake Police Officers ignored Lisa Ostler’s numerous attempts for help.


    According to the Salt Lake Tribune Lisa’s father, Calvin had this to say:

    “The hard part here is understanding how she died in that jail,” said Calvin Ostler, Lisa Ostler’s father who is a plaintiff in the new lawsuit. “She was screaming for help and they ignored her.”

    “It makes me angry that they locked her in a cell,” Calvin Ostler said. “She hadn’t been convicted of anything.”

    Ostler, 37 was arrested in Draper when a Police office pulled her over and noticed that she had several syringes in her car. Lisa had become addicted to opiates and later moved to heroin and meth after a gastric bypass surgery. After two days in jail Lisa began to have severe pain, when she complained officers ignored her.

    According to court documents:

    “I’ll bet it feels like you’re going to die, doesn’t it?” one of the jail’s officers, who the complaint identifies as Todd Booth, asked her on her third day in jail, according to the complaint. “Just a couple more days.”

    Lisa was later transferred after the five day stay in the Salt Lake County jail to the Intermountain Medial Center unit where she died overnight.

    Lisa’s prolonged stay in jail could have been prevented had the family called a bail bonds man and hired an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

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