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  • Salt Lake City Drug Possession LawyerIf you face a drug possession charge in Utah, you can hope that the prosecutor will go easy on you or you can resolve to fight your charges. If you choose to fight and want to ensure that your legal rights will be protected every step of the way, choose an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has had proven success with cases similar to your own.

    At the offices of Greg S. Law, we defend individuals throughout the state of Utah who have been charged with drug possession and other drug offenses. Mr. Law uses his experience as a former police drug recognition expert (DRE) to seek full acquittals, dismissals and significantly reduced sentences.Learn more about how our experience can benefit you, and call or contact us online for a free initial consultation with an experienced Salt Lake City drug possession attorney.

    Utah Law Reduces Simple Possession From A Felony To A Class A Misdemeanor

    Under new Utah’s prison reform law H.B. 348, effective October 1, 2015, simple possession of a controlled substance such as cocaine may now be charged as a class A misdemeanor, rather than a third degree felony. The reduced level of charges means it is more important than ever to have an attorney who understands how prosecutors prepare their evidence to seek the highest level of charges possible. We will fight aggressively to reduce your charges to simple possession, if possible.

    Finding Hope In Difficult Cases

    No matter how strong you think the prosecution’s case is, and no matter how tough the police or prosecutors talk, don’t assume that there is no defense.

    For instance, if drugs were found near you but not on your physical person, we may be able to present a successful defense based on that lack of physical possession. Also, many drug cases are based on evidence that has been obtained illegally, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Lack of sufficient probable cause is another common issue. The point here is that there may be a way to have the evidence thrown out or suppressed due to a violation of your rights.

    We aggressively protect the rights of people charged with possession of any type of controlled narcotic, including:

    Call For Help With An Utah Drug Possession Charge

    Don’t give up. Our Utah felony possession law firm has helped dozens of our former clients walk free or obtain significantly reduced charges.

    For answers to any other questions you have about drug charges in Salt Lake City or throughout the state of Utah, your rights or how our law firm can help, call 801-261-6228 or contact us online. We offer a free initial consultation, and are available for evening and weekend appointments. We also accept major credit cards.