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  • The Richfield Utah Police Department is racking up the DUI numbers so much so that the Utah Department of Public Safety recognized their efforts.

    The goal was to see if the Richfield PD could make over 100 DUI arrests a year.

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    According to the Richfield Reaper:

    The goal was to find an area the department could focus on that would improve public safety both on an off the road. That effort earned the department an Outstanding Traffic Safety Program award from the Utah Department of Public Safety.

    In the past four years Richfield has made 435 DUI arrests. 136 in 2017, 117 in 2018, 111 in 2019, and only 71 in 2020 due to the COVID Pandemic. According to the story referenced above the main problem was not alcohol related DUI arrests in Utah, but drug related arrests.

    A DUI arrest doesn’t always mean a conviction. The story referenced did not give any stats for how many of these DUI arrests were prosecuted and how many individuals were charged with various DUI crimes in Utah. While safety and keeping intoxicated drivers off the road, setting a lofty goal of 100 DUI arrests a year for a town as small as Richfield comes across a little suspect. Almost as if the arrest numbers were the main goal and not the safety of their roadsDUI  and the community.

    Having a lofty arrest goal like this could lead to a lot of wrongful DUI arrests and conviction if not represented by a quality Utah DUI Attorney.

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