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  • Possible DUI in Salt Lake City Hit and Run that Injures 5 and Kills 1 Person

    July 7, 2017 | Blog Drunk Driving
  • Salt Lake City Hit and Run DUI AttorneyOn the evening this last Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 a car traveling on 465 W. and 200 S. in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah veered onto the sidewalk and hit a group of people.

    One person was killed and five other people were injured. The car immediately drove off and crashed into a tree. The driver got out of the car and fled the scene. The passenger of the car remained for a few minutes and then fled the scene as well.

    Witnesses of the incident said that the driver seemed to purposely drive onto the sidewalk and into the crowd. Once police arrived they began investigating the incident and concluded that a possible hit and run may have been intentional. They also didn’t rule out the possibility of a hit and run DUI.

    Police still have not found the suspects involved in the crash and still have not determined whether or not the incident was in fact a hit and run DUI, but the possibility is still out there.

    Utah Police are still trying to find the suspects involved in the possible hit and run DUI suspects.


    Salt Lake City police Lt. Justin Hudson had this to say about the incident:

    “The driver immediately jumped out of the car, looked at what she had done and ran northbound on 400 West… We’re getting there. We’re pretty sure we know who owns it (vehicle) … who was driving it actually, I don’t think we’re exactly sure why she was driving up the sidewalk at this point. We don’t know if she was possibly DUI or what.”

    Salt Lake City police have asked that if anyone has witnessed the possible hit and run DUI to come forward with any information and to please call 801-799-3000.

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