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  • Drugged drivers now cause almost as many car crashes as drunk drivers in Tooele and throughout the entire state of Utah according to 2016 data.

    Drugged drivers accounted for close to 40% of crashes were someone has been killed. It is still less than the close to 60% of fatal crashes caused by drink drivers. This rise in drugged driving crashes is attributed to the rise in prescription pill use, illegal drug use, and legal marijuana use.

    Over the past ten years the amount of drunk driving crashes in Tooele and throughout the entire state of Utah overall is down while the amount of drug driving crashes are slowly rising.

    Utah law enforcement are arresting far more drugged drivers recently than they are drunk drivers. Part of this rise in arrests is that Utah Cops are being trained better to spot a driver who may come up clean on a traditional BAC Breathalyzer test or that doesn’t show the exact signs of someone who is drunk.

    There has also been a rise in Utah with metabolite blood tests that are being conducted during DUI traffic stops to see what drugs drivers have in their system.

    If you are pulled over, suspected of driving under the influence, and submit to a blood metabolite test and any illegal or prescription drug is found is found in your system you can still be charged with a DUI or DWI in Tooele, Utah and throughout the entire state.

    This is regardless of how long ago you used these drugs whether it be yesterday, a week ago, or a month okay. If these drug metabolites are detected during your Tooele DUI or Utah DUI test the results can be used as evidence against you during prosecution.


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