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  • Single Mom Arrested With 35 Pounds of Drugs in Utah County

    March 28, 2018 | Blog Drug Charges
  • A women who was arrested during a traffic stop on I-15 in Utah County was found to have 35 pounds of meth in her car.

    The women, Josie Ricks, was pulled over while driving on the Utah Highway for going 81 miles per hour in 75 mile per hour zone despite slick road conditions.

    After initially being stopped Utah Highway Patrol Officers suspected Ricks of transporting drugs so they took her to a different area to inspect the car.

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    According to Fox 13:

    Police located about 32 pounds of meth and just under 3 pounds of cocaine hidden in the vehicle. The say the packages of meth were wrapped up with hot sauce, which they say is a common tactic for attempting to conceal drugs from K9 searches. Police also located $1,000 in the vehicle, which was seized as drug proceeds.

    Ricks told officers this during the arrest:

     “I am just a single mom and I was offered an opportunity” and “It wasn’t 32 pounds, it was 25 pounds, they must be counting the packaging.”

    Because Ricks made these statements police assumed that she was knowingly transporting the drugs. According to police records Ricks has several prior drug related arrests.

    Ricks was booked with:  failure to operate within a single lane, speeding, failure to signal, use or possession of a controlled substance, driving with a measurable controlled substance, and two counts of distribution of a controlled substance.

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    Utah’s drug laws are a lot broader than many people realize. For example, did you know that sharing a controlled pain pill with a friend who is suffering from a serious illness is just as illegal as sharing a joint? A drug charge — even one not involving a driving offense — can also result in a six-month suspension of your driver’s license.

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