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  • Grandma and Grandson Arrested For DUI After Crash

    April 13, 2018 | Blog
  • A drunk Grandma her drunk grandson almost drove their car through a house in Cottonwood Heights.

    65-year-old Vickie Robinson, the drunk grandma was driving with her 20-year-old grandson, Alexander Robinson on Fort Union Boulevard when the two go into an argument and the grandson reached over and yanked wheel.

    Cottonwood Heights DUI

    This caused the car to drive up over the sidewalk and through a someone’s backyard fence then hitting a tree.

    A jogger was jogging by during the incident and was almost hit as well. The owner of the house said if it weren’t for the tree the car would have gone through the back wall of his house.

    The Cottonwood Heights DUI incident accord around 10:45 pm on Wednesday , April, 11th.


    The owner of the house Clint Seaman Had this to say to Fox 13:

    “It’s just a freak accident,” said Clint Seaman, “You can see the point of impact right here for the tire, and that’s what jettisoned it right into the backyard,”. “She had to of been doing 60,” Seaman said. “It was so loud it sounded like a bomb went off,” he added. “When you first wake up and see a car that’s right over your daughters window down in the basement, it’s pretty alarming,” he said. “I mean her rooms right there, that’s her bedroom window and the car was cantilevered over that,”

    According to Seaman the grandson had little remorse telling Fox 13 that he said:

    “He said, ‘smoke a little weed, have a few drinks, you know, what’s the big deal?’” Seaman recounted. “They were literally a foot away from killing someone that’s the big deal!”

    The grandson’s BAC was 0.229, almost three times over the legal limit. The grandma’s BAC was 0.104.

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