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  • You need a valid driver’s license or ID to do a lot of things these days. Drive, buy alcohol or cigarettes or get into a bar or nightclub. You may not think much of using your friend’s ID to get into a bar or even drive a car, but the cops sure will.

    You could be in legal trouble for allowing someone else to use your ID in Utah.


    Fake ID Lawyer Utah

    You can be in even more trouble for using someone else’s ID or for using a fake ID. So many teenagers and college-age students use fake IDs or borrow IDs from an older friend that it does not seem like a big deal, but it is.

    Misdemeanor and felony offenses may be a possibility if you are caught using someone else’s ID. In some cases, you can also face charges for allowing someone else to use your ID to commit fraud or an illegal act.

    You can face serious criminal charges for using a fake ID or someone else’s ID.

    Depending on specific laws, you could be charged with a crime for committing fraud or identity theft. These are serious violations and are considered felony offenses in some cases.

    Even individuals who allowed someone else to use their ID can face charges. If you were aware that your friend was going to use your ID to commit fraud, such as buy alcohol even though they are underage, you may be considered a co-conspirator and can also be charged with a crime.

    You should seek the advice of an attorney if you have been arrested for using a fake ID or for lending your ID to someone else. These incidents can escalate quickly and without representation, you could face charges for something you may not have realized was an offense in the first place.


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