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  • What Is Prostitution Entrapment In Utah?

    February 27, 2017 | Blog Sex Crimes
  • Salt Lake City Prostitution Defense LawyerMany crime dramas have touched on the entrapment defense for prostitution. However, there may be relatively few that truly understand what entrapment really is. According to the Utah Statutes, entrapment happens when a police officer induces a person to commit a crime that he or she would probably not have committed otherwise.

    If the court determines that a defendant was entrapped, then the case shall be dismissed with prejudice.The prosecution does have the option to appeal such a ruling.

    So, how does entrapment relate to prostitution crimes?


    Just because an undercover officer tells someone that he or she is not a police officer, it does not mean the person is being entrapped. For example, if a woman asks an undercover law enforcement officer if he is a police officer, and he says that he is not, she cannot use the entrapment defense if she makes a deal with him for sexual acts and then he arrests her.

    At Greg S. Law, we understand how complicated it can be to understand all the nuances of the law. We work with our clients to develop strong defense strategies and to discredit the evidence the prosecution may present.

    With a charge of any sex crime, there is a stigma attached. Such a charge can affect your job. It can affect personal life and in some cases, where you live. Limiting the damage to your reputation is also important and must be delicately handled.

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