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  • Altered Rights In Utah After Registry As A Sex Offender

    January 9, 2017 | Blog Sex Crimes
  • Best Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in UtahWhen someone in Utah is ordered to register as a sex offender, his or her rights may change drastically. For example, people who have registered may be barred from going to certain places, and they may need to report it to the authorities if they decide to move. Limitations are put on their lives, even if they have served their sentences without any further incidents.

    It is important to understand the legal impact of registration — which is required under law if ordered by the court — to ensure that no other laws are accidentally broken.

    As far as places that registered offenders are not allowed to go, the list includes:

    — Daycare centers

    — Preschool buildings

    — Public swimming pools

    — Public schools and private schools

    — Community parks

    — Local playgrounds

    As can be seen, knowledge of this list is quite important because it would be very easy to accidentally go somewhere that is prohibited simply by taking a shortcut through a park while walking home, for instance.

    Though these are the specific laws for Utah, it is also important for people who live outside of the state to know how the registration laws work. People who have been convicted in any other states and who then come to Utah also have to register upon arrival. They have 10 days in which to do so. It does not matter how long they intend to stay in Utah for; when they show up, they have to register, or they could be guilty of breaking the local laws if it is discovered that they neglected to inform the authorities.

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    Source: Utah Department of Corrections, “Sex & Kidnap Offender Registry Unit